17 KPIs To Measure Your
Amazon Campaigns For Black Friday

We have officially entered the holiday sales season! It’s time to manage and optimize advertising campaigns on Amazon. So, whether this is your first year as an Amazon seller or you are an experienced brand owner, here are 17 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) every seller & advertiser should know:

  1. Impressions. Number of times an ad is shown.
  2. Clicks. Number of times someone clicked on the ad.
  3. eCPM. Total cost per thousand impressions. Includes: supply cost and audience fees, platform, agency and 3P.
  4. Click- through rate (CTR).  Number of clicks generated in relation to the number of impressions. Expressed as a percentage.
  5. Detail page views (DPV). Number of visits received by the detail pages of advertised products.
  6. Detail page view rate (DPVR). Number of detail pages visited related to the number of impressions. Expressed as a percentage.
  7. PRPV. Number of views that receive the reviews of the products advertised on Amazon. 
  8. Add to Cart (ATC). Number of times a promoted product is added to the cart after clicking on a related ad. 
  9. ATC rate (ATCR). Number of times a customer added your product to the cart in relation to the number of impressions. Expressed as a percentage.
  10. Purchases. Number of times a certain quantity of an advertised product is included in an act of purchase.
  11. Purchase rate. Number of purchases in relation to number of impressions. Expressed as a percentage. 
  12. New-to-brand. Metric that measures the first time sales of the brand to a user, during a period of 12 months.
  13. SnSS. Number of new Subscribe and Save derived from the views or clicks on an ad.
  14. SnSSR. Number of times SnSS is produced relative to the number of impressions. Expressed as a percentage.
  15. Units sold. Total amount of advertised products purchased by the users after viewing an ad.
  16. Product sales. Total sales of purchases of advertised products on Amazon after being exposed to an advertisement.
  17. ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales). It is the main metric to evaluate the performance of Amazon campaigns over the promoted products. It measures the advertising investment among sales. Expressed as a percentage.
Your holiday season strategy should already be in action. But if you haven’t managed to do it yet, you are still in time! Make sure to revisit our Blog to learn how to boost your sales this Black Friday. If you would rather leave this to the hands of a professional team, specialized in Amazon Marketing, we invite you to visit and contact Amazing, at www.amazingagency.io.
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