Every brand needs a hero

BrandHero will buy or help grow your online business so you can focus on your next dream.

Sell to Grow with Partner with BrandHero


We have a passion for e-commerce and truly understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur

You took your brand from 0-1, we’ll grow it from 1-10+


For Founders by Founders

We buy Amazon FBA, FBM and other e-commerce businesses to grow the next generation of Digital First D2C brands.

BrandHero is made up of some of the most successful Founders, Operators and Brand builders you will find anywhere in the world.

With a combined 100+ years of entrepreneurship and e-commerce experience between us, BrandHero is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We know the hassles and headaches involved in business ownership. BrandHero was founded with one goal in mind, to create a fast and easy platform for you to sell, partner and grow your online business.


We understand your effort and dedication to build your online business, but we also understand that you have other dreams and ambitions that you want to achieve

Why BrandHero?

Proven senior founder team with several Billion dollars in e-commerce value creation and over 290 combined years of experience.

Respect for the built brand, fair valuation, and offering the best price or alternatives to help grow your brand. 

Faster, simpler and transparent acquisition process. Receive your first quotation in less than 24 hours and full acquisition in less than 30 days.

Strong execution team that has previously managed > 100 brands (e.g. L’Oréal & Schleich) that will take your brand to the next level. 

Omnichannel strategy and know how that will further grow your brand world wide.

THE 4 STEP brandhero process

When you sell to BrandHero you have more time to relax, travel or develop your next commercial adventure.

Step 1


Let’s talk about your business and your journey, in 24 hours we are able to give you an answer.

Step 2


We give your business a valuation for free and present you with a Letter of Intent.

Step 3

Due Diligence

In week 2-3, our team will do every step to complete the necessary due diligence.

Step 4

we transfer your money

In 5-6 weeks, we finish the process and transfer the money!

we LOVE brands that are

e-commerce Driven


Exist for at least 1 year

Strong positive customer feedback

Winning Product

Interested in selling your brand or want to amplify your marketplace brand? Let's talk!