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BrandHero is the Brand of Brands. The one-stop-shop where you can sell your business, use our services, or partner with us. We have all the expertise you could dream of, from SEO and PPC optimization, Supply Chain Management, Financial Analysis, Operations Management, Social Media, Product Development, and more!

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There’s no automatic calculated valuation at BrandHero. Instead, we’ll create a solution that fits you.

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Stefano M. - Founder of Tech Therapeutics
"Obviously, based on the situation each person is going to find themselves in, it's convenient to invest everything in a business, making it grow, giving it value and then to sell it to people who can make it grow much more."​
David B. - Founder of Home Icon
"BrandHero was really fast to get the offer out, within a couple of days of showing interest, we had signed the contract and after most of the money was paid upfront. Overall it was a very transparent process, they kept me in the loop through all the steps. Very professional and ethical company."​
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We offer multiple ways for you to get paid

Cash out – We pay 100% of the agreed price at the time of sale

Cash + Earn out – Benefit from the future growth of your brand

Part Equity – Join us – Own us – Become a BrandHero shareholder and take the first step on the way to becoming a serial entrepreneur.

We will make it easier for you to continue your journey as a serial entrepreneur

As a member of the BrandHero family, we offer exclusive access to our team to assist you in developing your next idea. This includes our in-house FBA agency and specialist consultations to aid with pricing and P&L development, as well as our e-commerce “Playbook”.

What we hope to find in our FUTURE brands


● A focused product line consisting of high-quality evergreen SKUs
● Product Heroes
● A high ranking within the appropriate product category


● Potential for continuous future growth
● Minimum 12 months of profitable sales and growth
● Revenue of $400,000-$5,000,000
● An EBITDA for your brand above 15%

Customer Relations:

● High customer satisfaction with a large amount of 4-5 star reviews on products
● Repeat customers
● Lower than average returns on your products

Amazon Relations:

● “Good” Amazon Account Health
● Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

BrandHero Super Team

The Super Team

Founded by already successful, international serial entrepreneurs with over 25 years of experience in e-commerce and a FBA Expert with 10 years of experience working for Amazon. Managed by a team with proven experience in growing FBA businesses in Amazon.

Frequently asked questions

Each business is unique and we value its uniqueness. The valuation will depend on not only the business’ financial records, reviews, type of product, etc. Tell us about your business, tell us what YOU want using the form below and we’ll reply within 24 hours to provide you a free and unique proposal.

Up to 24 hours – Is how long we take to first reply back.

By week 2-3 – our legal team is already completing every step necessary of due diligence.

After 3 weeks – we develop purchase & sale contracts and start the migration step.

In 5-6 weeks – we finish the process and transfer the money!

No! And that’s the beauty of making business with BrandHero. We are flexible, tell us what YOU need.

Do you want you to want to keep a small share of your business? Want to sell a part now, let the business grow and then sell the rest? All acceptable by us. 

  • Proven senior founder team with several Billion dollars in e-commerce value creation and over 290 combined years of experience.
  • Respect for the built brand, fair valuation, and offering the best price or alternatives to help grow your brand. 
  • Faster, simpler and transparent acquisition process. Receive your first quotation in less than 24 hours and full acquisition in less than 30 days.
  • Strong execution team that has previously managed > 100 brands (e.g. L’Oréal & Schleich) that will take your brand to the next level.
  • Omnichannel strategy and know how that will further grow your brand world wide.
  • Multinational & multilingual senior team that will continue to build a legacy for the brand.

BrandHero is a technology driven e-commerce company which is on a mission to acquire and digitally roll up top performing micro brands. We focus on Amazon FBA, FBM and other e-commerce brands who have a demonstrable track record of profitability, with exceptional customer reviews and a loyal following.

We have a passion for eCommerce and truly understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. With technology and a global network which gives us a competitive edge, we pride ourselves on being able to resonate with the businesses we acquire. We believe in all of our brands and use our expertise to transform them into global brand leaders.

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E.g: Annual Profit $500,000 + Owner Salary $36,000 = SDE $536,000.
Leave here any relevant information about your business and proposal expectations.